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Students participate in exercises that relax the body and mind.  They are empowered to vividly listen, imagine and follow directions. They learn various styles of Kung Fu including Splashing Hands and Tai Chi. Essential kicks, punches, hand strikes, and  foot shuffles are utilized in  fun and challenging workouts. Numerous animal defense styles are also learned  and incorporated in fun Kung Fu games.

Evil Pieces are commonly given to Pure-blooded High-class Devils, so that they can gather servants of their own. Reincarnated Devils are also given the chance to receive Evil Pieces should they rise in rank and become a High-class or Ultimate-class Devil like Tannin and Rudiger Rosenkreutz​.

Dragon Master - Circulate / SidewinderDragon Master - Circulate / SidewinderDragon Master - Circulate / Sidewinder