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Building Art teams, understanding and leveraging appropriate technology, driving and defining visions for startup projects is my major skill set, along with creating sound visual communication and confidence with publishers. Mentoring and leading Art Teams is a passion and inspiration to me. You could now also apply these attributes to manufacturing in general as well, having single handedly brought to market two critically acclaimed Craft Spirits.

In Garry’s experience, the endgame never means the end of excitement. He shows the purity and creativity of the endgame—including drama, shouldering, and zugzwang.

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You know you have something good, when they start yelling, "you shouldn't have gotten that..." Anyone want to explain warrants Trump's team?

"Today, we got our first lesson, actually he is my first chess coach ever . Before lesson i had no idea about what to expect but i can tell you what i feel. All my life i was alone in my chess struggle, being valeri's student makes me feel i am not alone anymore. After started lesson i... Read more... Tweets by @tigerlilov

By focusing on the intricate, often overlooked endgames of conflicts, Gideon Rose makes a compelling case that the unintended consequences of wars have overwhelmed even the best-intentioned plans of American leaders. Every top official contemplating military action should read this terrific book—and take its lessons to heart.

Knight Level
In the Knight Level, students learn the basics of chess tactics, how to recognize tactical patterns, and how to think two moves ahead. Students understand draws and develop skill at finishing and winning a game with checkmate. Learning these key elements develops the next layer of knowledge and skill that prepares a student for planning ahead.

Bishop Level

Endgames - Building BeautyEndgames - Building BeautyEndgames - Building BeautyEndgames - Building Beauty